The Q & A’s listed below are consistent with how Club 40 & Up, Corp. vending opportunities are coordinated. Changes may apply to particular events, and those changes will be shared on our website.

How do I register to be a vendor?

All perspective vendors must complete and submit a Vendors Registration form. Once the form has been received… our Vendors’ Coordinator will check – to assure space is available, and to make sure we do not duplicate vendors. Approved vendors will receive approval notification. NOTE: The approval notification does not guarantee vendor space; after receiving notification, vendors must pay their vendor fee – to secure their space.  Click here to register.

How much are the vendors’ fees?

Vendor fees vary and are discounted for Club 40 & Up members; the variation depend on the venue, and whether the vending space is indoors or outdoors. ALL vending fees, including early-bird specials, are displayed on our website. Vendor fees can start as low as $10.00, and be as high as $1500.00. The higher vending fees include multiple days, hotel fees, and food and beverages.

How will I know if the event is indoors or outdoors?

Event locations are shared on all of our event flyers, and events and relevant information can be viewed by clicking here.

How much vending space will each vendor have?

Indoor vending space include one 6 ft. rectangle table and two chairs; vendors cannot use additional space – to display their banner(s) or to house storage and display cases. However, vendors can request additional space for additional fees.

Can I bring my child/children with me?

Vendors are allowed to have one additional person with them (in their vending area); we highly encourage vendors not to bring young children with them, but is at the vendors discretion. No children are allowed at Club 40 & Up, Corp. events that are specifically for its members.

What are the refund policies?

Vendor fees are used to cover overhead expenses for events, and therefore no refunds will be allowed, if a vendor does not setup at the event they paid for. However, vendors can select another day to vend, if events are canceled or rescheduled, or they can request a full refund. Depending on the circumstances, vendors will be given the opportunity to vend at another event, but will have to pay additional fees, if the cost is greater than the original fee. Under certain circumstances, i.e. death, medical emergencies, etc. vendors will be able to receive a refund, minus administrative fees, or select another event to vend at.